Car emissions: what is being done?

Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibly and great joy for millions of people.

Model T FordWhen Ford created the Model T, he had no idea how far cars would come. As the world industrialized and progressed, cars got bigger, better, stronger, but they also began producing more emissions. Emissions, among other things, are contributing to pollution and also have a hand in global warming as well as the hole in the ozone layer. Because of the increased use of vehicles, issues caused by these emissions have gotten worse. More people and companies are beginning to take notice of the issues they are causing, and many more of them are starting to take steps to prevent and repair the damages that have been done.

Electric Cars

One major breakthrough that is being developed to reduce car emissions and the pollution/damage they cause are electric cars. Electric cars are being developed to run on battery power, as well as other more environmental friendly ways. Many companies, such as VW have introduced their prototypes for a more efficient electric car. Few electric cars exist, but they all need work done to make them worthwhile and sustainable. Many early prototypes only reached up to 45 mph, and many also had issues with staying charged for long periods of time, as well as lack of space like diesel and gasoline cars have. Electric cars, once refined and developed to suit the modern world’s growing needs, will be a huge step in combating emissions and the issues that come along with them.

Reduction And Alternatives

While many manufacturers are working on environmentally friendly vehicle options, there are a few already available, and have been available for decades. By using your car only for long distances, or only a few days a week, you can help cut down on the amount of pollution that goes into the environment. By walking, biking, or even taking public transportation, you can reduce your environmental foot print by an alarming amount. This is especially true for people who live in bustling cities, where cars are not needed, but are rather that of a luxury. The less you use your vehicle, the better off the environment is. Even by eliminating 2 days of use a week, you can make a substantial difference. Many towns and cities across the country have a day where public transportation is completely free, to promote the use of public transport over the use of personal vehicles. Always walk or bike when possible, and try taking public transportation more often. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll be helping the environment as well.

The Importance Of Change

Many people feel that there are no issues with the environment because they can’t see or feel it on their own. This is an unfortunate and dangerous assumption that is leading to the destruction of our only environment. It’s very important to find alternatives and to develop environmentally friendly vehicles, and for more than one reason. The oil under the ground took 200 million years to form into the state it’s in, the state in which we use it daily to fuel our cars, homes and more. The use of vehicles consumes a very large portion of this oil. In the past 200 years, humanity has used up more than half of this natural supply, and if oil consumption continues at the current rate, we will run out within the next 40 years. Even more frightening is the fact that tail pipe emissions from cars and trucks account for a third of the pollution in The United States. These facts are alarming, and are just a few reasons why the development of alternative fuel resources, environmentally friendly cars, and cutting back on using such vehicles is very important.

Vehicles are a necessity for many people, especially those who live in rural areas with poor public transportation. However, one should always cut back on using emission producing vehicles as much as they can. It’s also important to support bills and legislation that will help the environment, as well as supporting cars that run on alternative fuels. We only have one earth to live on, with one environment, and if the current rate of pollution continues as it is, we may not have this earth for much longer.

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