Cleaning up the environment

Because there are so many vehicles on the road today, car emissions have taken a front seat in many business and political discussions.

Since these are harmful emissions are released in the atmosphere, many of our largest cities are concerned about the adverse affects that it has on the populations overall health. Because these gases may make it hard for people to breathe, this is an issue that cannot be ignored by the average person or by the vehicle manufacturers. In fact, there are many agencies and emmision studies that indicate that our environments need to be cleaned up by virtually every means possible.

Electric Car Replacing Autos Run By Petrol and Diesel

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions that everyone is paying special attention, which includes but not limited to, the average citizen teaming up with others to drive to work and back. Also, there are some long term solutions that manufacturers are working on today, and they normally involve producing different types of vehicles that do not require various types of petrol based fuel to function properly. One in specific, is the electric car.

Even though the invention of the electric car can be traced backed to its initial inception more than 100 years ago, the electric car did not gain in notable prominence until recently, in 1960s and 1970s. It was during these times that car makers begin to consider the electric car as a serious option when oil shortages began to drive the demand. Today, the electric car industry is receiving another leap forward to becoming a staple in the U.S. and other countries due to the harmful emissions that’s created carbon pollution on a large scale.

Self Driving Vehicles And Car and Emission Related Concerns

While there are many different initiatives driving the need to reduce harmful car emissions into the environment, some are more notable than others. In addition to the strong push to get more electric vehicles on the road, there is another innovative solution on the horizon. The newest that appears to be hitting the airways heavy is the introduction of self driving cars.

Even though it has taken over a century to incorporate the electric car into the mainstream, this is not the case for the self-driving car. In fact, the outlook for the self-driving car is more than promising since it is scheduled to become part of the norm as early as 2020. Google has already released a prototype and they are expecting the average driver to be a part of this new technology in the very near future. By 2050, the projections made include reducing car emission polution by as much as 80% in participating areas.

Reducing emission pollution is currently a big problem that is on the agenda of many individuals, small companies, large corporations, vehicle manufacturers and government agencies alike. All of which have a joint part in correcting these problems because of the impact that has on the overall health of large populations and the environment. Fortunately, there are some great solutions in the making they are designed to address and eliminate these concerns. Two of the more notable includes the introduction of the latest electric cars and self-driving vehicles.

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