Environmental benefits of electric cars

Plugin Electric Vehicles (PEVs) have significant environmental benefits compared to conventional gasoline and diesel powered cars. The PEVs have become a major boost in trying to avert climate changes caused by gasoline and diesel vehicles while going beyond that by saving the fuel economy.

These hybrid PEVs offer a perfect alternative to the problem of carbon emissions and air pollution. Some of the environmental benefits of PEVs include:

  1. Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emission

Most greenhouse gas emissions come from car tailpipe emissions which account for about a third of the total greenhouse gases. Plugin cars significantly reduce the amount of tailpipe emissions per mile than any other type of cars. Even those that are partially powered by gasoline have very low emissions and are more environmental friendly than gasoline cars. The amount of emissions reduced by Plug-in vehicles is also dependent on the source of electricity used to power it. The life-cycle emission is low when the source of electricity is a low-polluting energy source. For example, if the source of electricity for PEVs is a coal-fired plant-and coal is known to produce greenhouse gases-then the net emission will still be lower compared to conventional cars. If the source of recharge electricity is a renewable source, then there will be zero greenhouse gas emission.

  1. Better Fuel Economy

Hybrid Electric Vehicles have a much better fuel economy with low fuel costs than conventional cars. This is also majorly because of the low cost of electricity for recharging the electric vehicles which is measured in kilowatts per hour for every 100 miles. It is estimated that light duty electric cars only consume 25-40 kilowatts-hour to drive for a 100 miles. As for medium and heavy duty PEVs, the amount of energy consumed is relative to the load it carries and the duty cycle. They however have a very strong advantage compared to other vehicles.

  1. Provides Energy Security

Every now and then we have energy crisis in various parts of the world with fuel prices spiking and its supply diminishing. To help curb energy problems in the future, electric cars will provide an escape route and a more sustainable way of transport. Almost three-quarters of all imported fuel is consumed by vehicles and other modes of transport. Using plug-in and hybrid cars can reduce the over reliance on imported fuels and therefore promote energy security.

  1. Clean and Clear Air

Since hybrid cars have no emissions apart from those which are partially powered by gasoline with also very low emissions, they play a significant role in reducing air pollution. They practically have no smoke coming out of their tailpipes and this helps in promoting cleaner air which is also clear and safe.

  1. Promotes Renewable Energy

Plug-in cars would reduce carbon emissions by up to a third, of which is produced by the transport sector. This would mean that over 80 million gasoline powered vehicles would be replaced by electric cars which would in turn be charged using the national grid instead of coal-fired plants. Electric cars would also promote the use of electricity from renewable sources such as solar and hydro-electric power.

However, with all the mouth-watering benefits of plug-in cars, there is a downside look to it. These are some of the disadvantages and limitations of electric cars

  1. They are very expensive- this makes is difficult to own one costing at $30,000 to $40,000. Many people would therefore go for a mid-sized gasoline powered car.
  2. They have a limited range- most PEVs have a range of 80-100 miles and require quite some time to fully recharge. This creates unnecessary range anxiety and worry if you are traveling for a long distance
  3. Limited car choice- the auto brands for electric cars is quite limited and offers you a choice between 20 or so models to choose from. This is exact opposite of conventional cars with many models, styles and brands to select from.

Hybrid electric cars have more positive scores to look at and have become the new alternative to the energy crisis. By replacing the conventional cars, we shall be looking at a new and more sustainable future free from pollution.

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