Environmental effect of car emissions

Smog from vehicle emissionsThe greatest challenge confronting many people in the world today is how to tackle car emissions.

It has negative consequences to the environment and detrimental to the human health. When car runs, different types of gases are emitted from it. Perhaps the most dangerous gas coming out of it and emitted directly to the environment is carbon dioxide and the greenhouse gas. Apart from these, there are several other particles emitted from there, and many of these are not good because they were carcinogens. All these affect negatively on the environment, and they can affect human health.

When the alarm was raised in the 1970s about the consequences of emissions to the environment, the US government acted fast by putting in place the 1970 Clean Air Act. There is improvement in the quality of gases released to the environment today compared to what it was in the 1970s. The air quality is indeed better than what it used to be. Lead emissions to the environment have increased tremendously.

The major concern of car emissions was its effect on the environment. Research has shown that it can affect the environment in different ways. Vehicles emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This is responsible for the global warming and depletion of the ozone layer. Apart from that, such emissions could distort the food chains when it finds its way into the soil as well as water surface. This is not good for the human and animal health, as it can affect certain organs such as respiratory, reproductive, as well as the immune system.

When it affects the ozone layer, it would be catastrophic, because the ozone layer is responsible for protecting lives on earth. It means that lives on earth would be greatly endangered.

Scientists have responded to the challenges of emissions by producing emission fewer cars. The best of such cars is the electric cars.

Electric cars were started more than one hundred years ago. Interests to this type of car were renewed because of the environmental benefits. Apart from reducing the quantity of gases emitted to the environment, it was discovered that electric cars are better, because they are quieter than those cars with internal combustion engines. Furthermore, such cars do not release tailpipe pollutants to the environment. It emits little or no quantities of greenhouse gases.

However, there are advantages of using this type of car, the major challenge of mass production includes the high cost and uneven availability of recharging infrastructure. However, there is greater improvement, as there are different models of electric cars on the road today. As at September, there are at least 620,000 light duties electric passenger cars in different parts of the country. Globally, it is estimated that about 1 million plug in electric cars are sold. This is a good development. It is envisaged that the figure would continue to go up.

The future is indeed bright for electric cars. Apart from those models on the market, more are expected to hit the market in the next couple of years. Mercedes alone has announced different models of such cars in a few years to come.

In the same way, over a few years automated cars have entered the market. The problem with driverless cars is now legal than technical. In a few years, there would be more of such cars on the road. Tesla is leading the pack as far as driverless cars are concerned. It is certain that the complete elimination of car emissions is a matter of time.

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