Great cars for mums

mum and carYou’d be forgiven for reading this title and thinking that this article is going to be about small, runaround cars that are suited for the school run. However, it’s not. What we’re aiming to do here is look at a whole host of things that mightn’t normally feature on the list of “needs” when considering a second car. Unfortunately, only too often, when it comes to splitting the car investment of a household, the greater part of the fund goes to the person who travels alone day-in and day-out, not the person who’s responsible for making sure that kids and their mates are safe and secure. That’s a real shame and if you’re one of these families, it might be time for a rethink.

Here are the top considerations that we believe mums need to take into account when choosing their car:

  1. Safety. It goes without saying that no matter whether you’re driving one single baby around, or a hoard of your kids and other people’s, safety is of paramount importance. Euro NCAP crash test results are what you need to be looking for when checking out a car’s safety rating. Hailed as the “gold standard” of test, this truly is a feature you can’t afford to ignore as a mum.
  2. Space, including boot size. Even if your kids are little, if your car is for the long-term, you need to think about when they’re big 6-footers with big, 6-foot friends and all the kit that goes with them. No matter whether you’ve only got a couple of kids, there are sure to be times when they’re either off to sports events or weekends away when you’re faced with them, plus a couple of mates and all their gear. This is one great reason for looking carefully at the total amount of space available. Another reason is that only too often you’ll have kids and adults to transport. Checking out things like legroom and boot space are a priority.
  3. Pulling power. It goes without saying, but there’s no point in buying a people carrier, only to discover that once it’s filled up with kids, adults and all their stuff that you struggle to get up the gentle incline that leads to your house. While you mightn’t need (or indeed want) a Ferrari, lack of pulling power can be a real frustration.
  4. Efficiency. Fuel is expensive; there’s no getting away from that. Look out for hybrid vehicles and make that choice wherever you can. Even though your journeys are short, you probably do more miles in a year than you think you do.
  5. Colour (only joking). But of course it’s important!
  6. Reliability. Kids have strict timetables to respect, even if it’s just meeting up with their friends, so knowing that your car will start when you turn the key and won’t break down every couple of days is a given.
  7. Accessibility. This may sound an odd feature, but particularly if your kids are small, look at the width of the doors. Asking yourself how easy it will it be to negotiate a toddler into their car seat with the space available is better done before purchase than after.
  8. Durability. Kids are tough on cars, that’s a given. Your car (unless you’ve got the willpower of a goddess) will be used as a dumping ground, a restaurant and a (junior) bar, so needs to stand up to the wear and tear ahead of it.
  9. Entertainment. For short runs, entertainment mightn’t be an issue, but if grandma and granddad are a three hour journey away and your car is the only one that’ll take all that’s required for a few days away, it might be worth thinking about in-car entertainment options.
  10. Good looks and style. This simply goes without saying once again, but like all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



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